Instead of “resolving conflicts” between different systems in your retail or wholesale organization, let CYBORG do everything for you!

CYBORG - The only single solution to everything that retail and wholesale organizations need.


The information is processed using online-available, ground-breaking technology for the benefits of all system components, which allows for more extensive, deeper, and more reliable utilization, which results in increased effectiveness in management, operations, marketing and sales. We are talking about active intelligence that automatically acts to reduce your costs and dependency on employees and increases your sales and profits


CYBORG is an innovative non-conventional system that deals with all of the organizational components in a smooth and standard manner, with a single software code and a single database


Instead of dealing with synchronization and integration among countless different systems, let us introduce you to the revolutionary robotic system that takes initiatives and does everything by itself, in a smart, efficient and all-inclusive manner like never seen before

Humanly Proactive. Softwarely Effective.

One system

that does it all

  • Smart registers
  • Telemarketing
  • Conversation history
  • Order management
  • Delivery management
  • Cooperation management including partners rewarding systems
  • Dynamic operating system
  • Web portal
  • And more
  • Human resources
  • Internal communication
  • Recruitment
  • Workers incentives and rewards
  • Timesheets
  • Leads processing
  • Personal campaigns
  • Customers membership
  • Mailing and smart dynamic automatic messaging
  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Mailing
  • Logistics and Inventory
  • Import
  • Invoice and Warranty issuance
  • Management of payment and collection

And everything is accompanied by a robots fleet (smart and proactive software units)

Web-based system

Accessible from anywhere and any device without needing special software installations and updates

Proactive system

Generates insights and initiates efficient operation of the organization

Robots Fleet

Occupies jobs and acts independently according to predetermined settings

Advanced algorithms and game theory

Artificial intelligence, which is based on advanced data mining methods, machine learning, and game theory, intensifies the productivity of the organization representatives

Uniform code

Enables quick assimilation and full adjustment to the business needs

Friendly interface

Simple and intuitive. Any employee can master quickly and operate easily

Specializes in B2B/B2C computing, franchise chains and logistics with emphasis on creative automation for productivity increase and saving in management costs. Has extensive knowledge and success in development and implementation of marketing and selling methods, import and branding. Founder of two leading Israeli retail chains

Erez Gur
CEO and founder
Ph.D. in Scientific computing and computational Mathematics from Stanford University, M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering. Ofer Specializes in mathematical and statistical modeling of systems, algorithms design, simulation and data mining. He is a senior academic faculty member at the Open University of Israel and served as professional consultant for high-tech companies in the silicon valley, California.

Dr. Ofer Levi
Chief scientist
Professor (Research) Emeritus in the Systems Optimization Laboratory at Stanford University. known for his algorithms and software for scientific computing.  Honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand, a SIAM Fellow, and a member of the Stanford Inventors Hall of Fame for his contributions to mathematical and optimization software

Prof. Michael Saunders
Senior Scientific Consultant
Information systems engineer with over 5 years of experience in the field of Web with special expertise in financial processes, inventory management and logistics in B2B/B2C environment

Natalie Pe'er
Senior programmer
Computer Engineer, software architect, expert in infrastructure and project management. Mentor in the entrepreneurship program of Tel Aviv University.

Yaniv Finkelstein
Architecture consultant
Specializes in branding, image design and website design with focus on B2C

Liron Zweigman
Senior graphic designer

Q & A

What kind of time/money/equipment resources does the assimilation of CYBORG in the organization involve?

A one-time set up cost and a monthly membership for SAAS model, which stands for SoftwareAsAService. Contact us for more details.

How do you handle version updates, upgrades, etc.?

Since it is a web service, updates are simple. Once in a while we upload a new version to the server after it passes all of our internal testing and verifications.

What are the minimum requirements for operating CYBORG in an organization?

For an organization with up to 100 branches, all that is needed is a computer station with fast internet connection. Larger organization or unique add-ons require specific software adjustment.

What is the security level of CYBORG? How is sensitive data stored ?

Sensitive data is encrypted and saved in the strict SHA1 protocol.

Is CYBORG written in open code? Would it be possible for my developers to change and adjust it ?

CYBORG is not an open code system. Our developers can adjust the software according to your request so, you will get a solution that perfectly fits your needs.

All retail solutions providers claim that their product does everything. Why is Cyborg very different?

In one word, All-In-One. In a few words, Cyborg is a One Stop Store that includes all of the managing tools a chain needs in one place with a single “brain” that connects and knows to manage everything. This way, you can save management and technical overhead resulting from using too many softwares in an organization.

What does “Robots fleet” means ? Is it software, hardware, or human-like machines?

Of course it is not human-like machines fleet like in science fiction movies. The modern definition of "robot" refers to a "smart agent", which is technology that creates fixed technology processes assimilated into workflow of actions.

In my organizations, there are 3000 workers and 150 branches in 30 countries. Can CYBORG accommodate my needs?

Absolutely! Take into account that the software will have to be adjusted to support multiple languages and scalability.

What additional software and solutions will I need after assimilating CYBORG?

Only the standard account management software of your accountant will have to be used for reporting to the authorities. It might change in the future, though.

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The company CYBORG technologies Inc. was founded in 2016 by a group of Israeli entrepreneurs lead by Erez Gur: The founder, owner and CEO of two of the largest and most successful Israeli retail chains in their domain. Once no complete and satisfying commercial product for management of the last retail chain could be found at the time, Erez has recruited a team of experts from complementary knowledge domains to characterize and develop the ultimate system for management of retail and wholesale organizations. After the system exceeded all expectations in managing the retail chain. Given the great success, the uniqueness of the system and the excellent feedback and excitement from experts and peers, it was clear that the system can provide a highly effective unique solution to a problem that many organizations face on a daily basis. On the basis of this understanding and the software code that was developed and improved over years, CYBORG was founded.

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